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Cookies - What Are They Good For?

Not the Yummy Chocolate Chip Kind - I know what they're good for. I'm talking about the cookies that store bits of Information on your computer. Let's first get a good idea of what a cookie actually is and does. We hear the term all the time but do you really know what it's doing on your PC?

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Question — What do Town of Rhine & Greenbush Ski Club Have in Common?

Answer – they have websites recently completed by me and posted to my portfolio. Because my portfolio was getting rather large, several months ago I separated it into 3 categories – Business, Municipal, and Community.

My portfolio now has 39 sites that I made over the last few years. I consider my portfolio a bit of marketing for my clients because I always write a little blurb for the business sites and Search Engines often pick up the listing on my site, as well as the client's site.

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Another Website For All the World to See

Oh I'm sure we'll do a little tweaking yet, but Bill Prusow, owner of Pros 4 Technology is quite happy with his site as it stands right now. The best part about web design is the nothing to something feeling. I've always used the sewing analogy. In my previous life, BC (before computers), I did a lot of sewing. It's a pretty good feeling to take a piece of cloth and turn it into a shirt or dress or pants. Of course they didn't always turn out like I thought they would, looking at the pattern. Same is true with web sites. They don't always turn out like the picture I have in my head or sketched on paper. Sometimes the things I want to do, just don't work, or at least I don't know how to get them to work. So I try something else. No seam ripper required!

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