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Facebook Changes – Are You Keeping Up?

If you are a regular user of Facebook, you've been noticing some changes lately. So let's go over a few new features and you can let me know in the comments section below how you like the changes.

When you arrive at your Facebook home you will notice recent stories at the top. You will no longer see the 2 little links that used to be upper-right. Remember those links? You could choose between everything posted by ALL your friends and Pages or your most popular friends and Pages. Facebook determined what was most important to you.

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Facebook Pages – Is Yours Secure?

In less than 2 weeks, Facebook will require all custom pages be hosted on a secure server. I will explain what that means for you, the owner of a custom page.

Let me first back up to earlier this year. In February, Facebook made a big change in the way custom pages are made. Some people call them tabs, and some call them landing pages or welcome pages. There are many different names but what it boils down to is these are applications that are added to your Facebook Page. Did you notice I capitalized Page? That is because Facebook used to call them Fan Pages but now they simply call them Pages. I use the uppercase P to distinguish between Facebook Pages and pages of a website or the pages within custom Pages I create.

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Using Facebook to Engage – Abrakadoodle Does it Well!

As I'm catching up on Facebook this morning, checking out many good posts, I came across one by Pam Rautmann, owner of Abrakadoodle – SE Wisconsin. Pam does a great job using Facebook to promote her business and she's come up with another great idea. She has started a little trivia contest on Thursdays. Each Thursday she posts a question and offers a prize for the fan with the 1st correct answer. Of course all her questions are related to arts education which is what Abrakadoodle is all about. This is a great way to educate while engaging current customers (and hopefully making them repeat customers) and potential customers.

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7 Simple Steps to Make Facebook Safe & Customer Friendly

Even if you are just using Facebook primarily for business, you still need to take a few basic steps to keep your information safe and your time on Facebook worry-free.

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Anatomy of a Facebook Post – 3 Key Takeaways

I love it when I run across an article like the one I just finished reading at Vitrue.com, titled
Anatomy of a Facebook Post: Vitrue's Data Behind Effective Social Media Marketing.

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Are Your Facebook Posts Showing Up In News Feeds or Lost Forever In Some Mysterious Black Hole?

It was probably about the 2nd or 3rd day I was on Facebook when I noticed I could change what shows up on my News Feed by selecting “Top News” or “Most Recent” at the top of the page. I like Most Recent because I know I am getting everything that was posted by all my connections. The problem is Top News is the default and if a user doesn’t know to change it, he or she will not necessarily see all your posts. This becomes very important for the business who puts time and money into their Facebook presence, expecting all their connections will see everything that is important to them.

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9 Companies Doing Facebook Right & What You Need to Know

I attended Social Media: Is It Worth it in Fond du Lac in the morning and attended a webinar at my computer in the afternoon. Webinars are awesome! Hundreds of people can join in and experience a great learning environment. Now and then I have difficulties with my internet connection and the audio gets a bit garbled, but they always offer a dial-in number so I turn off my computer's speakers and listen via cell phone.

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