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Web history is repeating itself — in the early days of the web when everything was new it was acceptable to have a somewhat shaky, experimental website. Many sites were crippled by misguided design advice and most companies didn't know any better. Now, people simply expect websites to work and to look professional.

In comes mobile. Last year, it was cool to simply have your desktop website show up on your smart phone. Now, expectations have gone up. It's time to improve your mobile site's usability and load time.

Mobile Design — Small and Targeted!

To have a successful mobile website it's obvious you must design for the small screen. Sadly, some don't, and we still see users struggle to hit tiny links that are much smaller than their fingers. The fat-finger syndrome will be with us for years to come!

But size is not the biggest issue — when you have a smaller screen, you must limit the number of features to those that matter most for the mobile user. That concept is much harder to accept as site owners and designers have a desire to duplicate their full (desktop) site. It's important to keep the mobile site concise and to the point, featuring your most important info. And don't forget the calls to action. The challenge is to not limit products and services while limiting text and content.

Mobile-Optimized Sites Should:

  • »» Focus on the most important information your potential clients need about your business
  • »» Cut features to eliminate things that are not core to mobile users
  • »» Cut content to reduce word count and space required
  • »» Enlarge buttons & links to accommodate "fat fingers"
  • »» Limit size so sites download quickly and don't hog the users allotted monthly bandwidth
  • »» Provide a link to your full website for those users needing additional information
  • A Few Mobile Statistics

    From StatCounter - Global Stats

    Mobile internet usage is doubling year after year

    Jan 2009: 0.7%
    Jan 2010: 1.6%
    Jan 2011: 4.3%
    Jan 2012: 8.5%

    From Google

    1. Mobile searches grew 400% last year
    2. Mobile devises outnumber desktop and lap tops 4:1
    3. 850,000 Droid smartphones are being activated daily
    4. The average mobile site visit is less than 10 seconds and that number is cut in half if the site is not mobile optimized

    Most users say they use their phone to access the internet because it's most convenient and always with them.

    Be the 1st In Your Market

    As 4G technology becomes more and more widespread, mobile device usage will increase exponentially. Likewise, as more business owners learn about and implement mobile websites, users will be more likely to search with their phone knowing they are more likely to land on mobile-friendly websites which use up much less of their monthly allotment of bandwidth.

    Will your business provide that user with a slow-loading, bandwidth-hogging, hard-to-navigate website or will your business provide that user with an easy to read and navigate, 'fat-finger', mobile-friendly version of your website?

    Be the 1st in your market to offer a state-of-the-art mobile website.
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