Is Your Website Smart?

A mobile website is not the same as your desktop website scrunched to fit your smart phone screen. Exotic Tans and SpaA mobile website is much smarter than that!

To have a successful mobile website it must be designed for the small screen. That means buttons are made larger so they are easy to tap and information is limited. The mobile site must be streamlined and concise, with a professional, business-like look. A clear view of information and ease of navigation are paramount.


Information Structure

When you have a smaller screen, you must limit the number of features to those that matter most for the mobile user. It's important to keep the mobile site concise and to the point, featuring your most important information and calls to action. What are the most important actions users should take when they reach your site on their mobile device? Your mobile site must make those actions prominent and easy to execute.

To provide major benefit to users, information must be easily found and presented in such a way as to encourage action.

Load Speed and Bandwidth

Load speed and bandwidth usage are especially important for a mobile site. If a site loads slowly or the user becomes worried about their allotted bandwidth, they will leave your site.

Now that 4G technology is available in more areas and mobile devices have improved functionality, increasing numbers of smart phone owners are browsing the web on their phones. They come to expect a modified, ‘smart’ experience. If you are serving up all the information from your full desktop site, they will move on to your competitor’s site which doesn’t bog them down with too much information or load slowly.

A few Comparisons

The following images show a full desktop website on a smart phone compared to its ‘smart’ site counterpart. If you have a smart phone, please check these out. They all have links to the full website near the bottom of the mobile site so you can compare for yourself. Then contact me to discuss making your mobile site SMART!

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