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The Two Steps You Must Take to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

I often wish I could reach out to everyone using LinkedIn because so many are missing these 2 simple, quick steps. There are many steps to setting up an optimized, useful LinkedIn profile and most users are missing many of the steps but these 2 are so fast and easy, why would anyone not take the time? I suppose the answer is they just don't know. So share this with your friends and connections on LinkedIn who need a little help.

I'm referring to the public profile or username link and the 3 website links near the top of any profile. When you setup your LinkedIn account, you will see your public profile or username near the top of your profile page. It's long and complicated and surely not something you can remember or tell someone.

When I see a long, complicated username on someone's profile, I then wonder what he or she is doing with LinkedIn? Are they telling anyone about it? Are they using it in their email signature or on business cards? Or do they have a really great memory and can remember something so long and complicated?

The screenshot below shows my customized username and where you'll find yours.

LinkedIn username

So how do you correct this? How do you get a short, easy to remember public profile/username so that your LinkedIn web address (URL) is shorter and easier to remember?

I will walk you through the process step-by-step in this video tutorial. You'll also pick up a few extra tips along the way.

Video: LinkedIn Basics - Learn how to create your custom username and website links in LinkedIn

The 2nd mistake I see LinkedIn users make has to do with the 3 website links in the contact info section near the top of their profile. You should use those links to your fullest advantage. What part of your website do you most want potential connections to see? You can send them there with these links. If you ask a stranger to connect with you, give them the opportunity to learn more about you before they accept your connection request.

See my 3 links in the image below.

LinkedIn 3 links

Learn how I customized those links in this short video tutorial. It's less than 8 minutes and only $7. An optimized LinkedIn profile is worth so much more!

NOTE: Both steps are included in this one video.

Video: LinkedIn Basics - Learn how to create your custom username and website links in LinkedIn

"I loved the video and applied it to my LinkedIn acct. while I watched the video. Worked like a charm! I was motivated by the 8 min. piece :-) I have found in the past when I've paid for webinars/tutorials that require much more time than 10 min., I never get to it (even though I can always pause and go back to it later)...still I don't ever get to it."
~ Dione Gisch, Owner, Novo Counseling, Sheboygan


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