7 Ways to Find New Customers On LinkedIn

If you own or are part of a business to business (B to B) company or even if you run a business to consumer (B to C) type business and you're looking for leads, there's likely more new business for you on LinkedIn (with its 161 million+ members) than you ever thought possible. The following tips may be helpful:

#1: Meet 2nd-Degree Connections

The people you're connected to directly on LinkedIn are called your 1st-degree connections. The people connected to your 1st-degree connections are your 2nd-degree connections. Depending on how well you know your 1st degree connection, you may be able to get an introduction to his or her connections.

#2: Watch the Newsfeed for New and/or Warm Relationships

If you see one of your connections has just connected to someone you'd like to connect with, now is a good time to ask for an introduction!

#3: Watch Recommendations and Get Introduced

If one of your connections just gave or received a recommendation, there are some good vibes going on there and it's a great time to ask for an introduction to the person who made or received the recommendation.

#4: LinkedIn Groups are a Great Source of New Business

LinkedIn Groups are good places for you to start relationships. You can start a discussion in one of the LinkedIn Groups you've joined. Just be sure to be helpful, not salesy. If your company hasn't started its own LinkedIn Group, consider creating one.

#5: Likewise, LinkedIn Answers are a Great Source of New Business

LinkedIn Answers is another good place for you to start relationships. Answer questions from people who are potential prospects and show your expertise, value, and relevance.

#6: Hunt for Prospects with Advanced Search

LinkedIn's Advanced Search allows you to search LinkedIn for anyone, on many criteria, even if you don't know them. You may need to work at refining your search a bit but it can be worth your time spent.

#7: Use the Prospective Company's Business Page to Reach Decision-Makers

You may find one of your connections on a company's LinkedIn business page or may just learn more about the business before approaching anyone there.

I hope these brief tips have been helpful and will get you thinking of new ways to build and grow your business using LinkedIn.

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